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Bio: Zhongshan Epistar Electronic Lighting Co.,Ltd is located in Henglan town,zhonshan city,Guangdong province in China,which is specialized in researching and development,production and sales LED lamp.We effort in develop and manufacture LED lamp of efficiency,energy saving,and environmental protection.Our products have been selling to all the major domestic markets, as well as many important foreign-trade zones,such as the middle east region.Our company is gradually expanding,regarding estabishment of the image of a model project as the strategic direction,we have set a number of vanity projects in most inland cities of China.
At present,our products series mainly has LED Ceiling light,Down light,Track light,Panel light,Panel light,Grille light,Beans gall light,LED Tube,Light source,wall wash lamp,Street light,Strip,Mirror light and Corridor lamp ETC for project products.
As a professional manufacturer in the field of this new and rapidly developing LED lighting.We do a good job from every detail of quality management and carefully for customer convenience and satisfaction,while holding tight to technology innovation.In 2006,we invested in the developement of up-to date outside concave model waterproof choke plug of LED tubes which has broken through the defect: light can be proof water absolutely, and continue to develop LED engineering products.Accordingly, LED lighting projects have been widely used in this area.
Our conception is strive for survival,development and efficiency on the basis of the quality of the products and credibility.We sincerely hope that the new and regular customers,engineering companies to join us.We would like to work with you in hand and to create win-win situation.China Hot flat panel light factory