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Bio: Our History
ZHENGZHOU LIUDU MECHANICAL ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD,A leading professional manufacturer of hot air welding machine and eyelet machine over six years. It is one of the few manufacturers specializing in the production of banner welding machines and eyelet machines in China. The products are of stable quality and high quality service. The market share of products is around 60%!
The company participates in international large-scale industry exhibitions 3-5 times a year, the company's products and reputation has been well disseminated.
Our Factory
ZHENGZHOU SIXTH MECHANICAL ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is located in the standard factory building of Zhengzhou High-tech Development Zone. The logistics and warehousing facilities are very perfect. More than 70% persons in the production department have more than 2 years working experience, and they have their own R&D team.
Our Product
The main production and development of flex banner welding machine, as well as semi-automatic eyelet machine and automatic eyelet machine, as well as different sizes of eyelets.
Product Application
The products are mainly used in the advertising production industry, and the tarpaulin welding production industry.
Our Certificate
The company's banner welding machine has obtained international certificates such as CE ROHS.
Production Equipment
More than 70% of the company's production staff have more than 2 years’ working experience. Product quality is very stable
Production Market
The products are sold to Europe, the United States, as well as most countries and regions in the world such as South Africa and Southeast Asia, and have been widely appreciated and praised by customers.
Our service
Provide pre-sales product introduction, sample welding, technical guidance during sales, product maintenance and after-sales service.Overlap Pvc Banner Welder for sale