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Centrifugal Fan Belt Driven With Backward Curved Impeller price
03-18-2019, 03:59 PM
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Centrifugal Fan Belt Driven With Backward Curved Impeller price
▲Our History
Yuyao Jiefeng Fan and Air Conditioning Co., Ltd was founded in 2001 after joint venture with Australian Multistack group. Our company is professional in centrifugal fan, duct fan and other ventilation or HVAC product manufacturing. In 2009 and 2018, the company has purchased the factories for production expansion respectively. At the same time, currently as the Multistack group subsidiary, we are authorized to sell the group products such as chiller, plate heat exchanger and other HVAC products.
▲Our Factory
Our factory is located in Yuyao Zhedong Economy Development Zone, and there are more than 50 persons for air conditioning fan or ventilation product production. Our factory has the test laboratory and automatic production equipment to achieve the high accuracy and good quality and performance. In 2018, The factory has purchased the new factory for scale expansion.
▲Our Product
In line centrifugal fan, duct fan, centrifugal fan, the whole heat exchanger, and other ventilation products.
▲Product Application
Commercial and industrial building application and specified HVAC field.
▲Our Certificate
▲Production Equipment
Laser cutting machine, Amada numerical control machine,automatic bending machine
▲Production Market
Our main sales are mainly in China, and our products were sold and used in Southeast Asia, Mideast, Russia, Europe, Australia and Africa. The highest annual sales performance has reached 40 million RMB.
▲Our Service
According to the customer request, we provide the one-to-one service. The pre-saleman will communicate with the customer and figure out the customer requirement and provide the best cost saving solution for the customer and within the time of warranty, we will provide the reliable post-sales service for the customer.Centrifugal Fan Belt Driven With Backward Curved Impeller price
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